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About Me

I am married 28 years, a CUSD mother of two boys, a wellness educator who has been teaching for 30+ years, and a parent volunteer in CUSD schools for 18 years.  I grew up in upstate NY, graduated college near Boston, MA, and received two graduate degrees in southern CA.  As an exercise physiologist, I have contracted with the US Navy and currently provide quality control for SD County's Health and Human Services Feeling Fit Club program, teaching functional fitness to older adults throughout the county.  As a resident of Carlsbad for the past 22 years, I consider it a privilege to be part of this unique seaside community which prides itself on dedicated families, united communities and excellent schools.  

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Throughout both of my son's education, I have made it my priority to be actively involved in their education and extracurricular activities. I have been a room mom and a PTA volunteer for 12+ years.  I have enjoyed helping with yearbook, jogathon, robotics club, science nights, band, VMSTV/CHSTV, VMS Parents on Campus Coordinator (4 years), FCA, chaperone, as well as team photographer.   It has been an honor to get to know so many students, families, and teachers in Carlsbad. Connecting with the community through school, sports, church, as well as in the neighborhood has built long-lasting, meaningful and intentional connections with many students, families and educators.